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What began as a hobby, quickly developed into a genuine passion for two brothers from Vaughan, Ontario. The additive manufacturing industry has made a revolutionary impact on the world – from simple parts to houses, and it’s only begun! With a creative aspect, it was easy to become captured in the endless possibilities that the 3D printing world has to offer. “We want to share our passion with all 3D Printing enthusiasts (from beginners to professionals)” – Vaughan 3D Printing. V3DP aims to become the “one-stop-shop” for all things 3D Printing throughout Canada: printers, parts, tools, accessories, filaments, training (classes), printing services, modifications, repairs and maintenance. Backed by our customer satisfaction guarantee, Vaughan 3D Printing ensures customers’ needs are met through our excellent customer support center and technical support with our team of fellow professional 3D Printing enthusiasts providing rigorous testing of products. As an active member of the 3D printing community, Vaughan 3D Printing participates in community forums by sharing their knowledge and passion with others. They are proud supporters of 3D Printing’s involvement in the educational curriculum of STEM/STEAM (providing inspiration to our future leaders and inventors). Contact us today!