Less “Down time”…more “Print time”!

Vaughan 3D Printing prides itself on the quality of parts, customer support and repair/maintenance service that it provides to all of its customers.  We understand how frustrating it can be to have a printer or a part in need of repair or maintenance causing down time; that’s where our team of experienced professionals come in to help and get you back on track!

Vaughan 3D Printing is happy to offer the following support and services:


  • 3D Printer Setup and Testing
    • Whether you’re just starting out on your first printer or trying out a new model, let Vaughan 3D Printing help you with the setup and testing of your printer to get you printing


  •  Hotend Installation and Unclogging
    • Let Vaughan 3D Printing take the hassle out of installing an all metal or replacement hotend and repairing any clogs to hotends


  • Direct Drive Conversion
    • With the help of our direct drive kit, the extruder is mounted onto the printhead pushing the filament directly into the hot end.  Printing flexibles has never been easier!


  • Firmware Updates
    • Acting a “translator”, Firmware can get confusing.  Our team at Vaughan 3D Printing are here to help with any firmware updates that are essential to getting the latest features and safety feature that help protect your investment.


  • 3DTouch Auto Leveling Installation
    • One of the most important steps in 3D printing is proper bed leveling (this can be done manually or automatically).  By installing and configuring a high precision sensor, such as the 3DTouch Auto Leveling Sensor, you’ll not only fix the problem of warped beds but it will also save you time and improve the first layer of prints! Contact Vaughan 3D Printing to find out more!
    • *** Recommended*** Upgrade to Solid Bed Mounts located here


  • Diagnostic Services
    • “Not extruding at the start of print”; “Print not sticking to the bed”; “Under/Over-Extruding”; “Overheating”, etc….whatever you’re experiencing with your printer, let our team at Vaughan 3D Printing help improve your 3D printed results!


  •  Esteps Extruder Calibration
    • Are there gaps between layers or weak layers in your prints? Or are your prints turning out as blobs or are stringy and droopy in detail? These could be the results of too little or too much filament! Vaughan 3D Printing offers Esteps Extruder Calibration to ensure your printer is pushing exactly the right amount of filament through the hotend during a print.


  • Thermistor Upgrades/Replacements
    • Heater cartridge, thermistor replacements or upgrades
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